Rare Kim Newman songwriting effort unearthed …

Here’s ‘I Hope You Die’, written by Brian Smedley and Kim Newman for the 1987 musical musical Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! (aka Rock! x 27), which also featured work by Eugene Byrne and Neil Gaiman.

It was recorded by one of Brian’s many bands, The Funbunnies.  Other hits from the show included ‘Memphis, Ohio’, ‘Stand On Me’, ‘Ronnie B. Loude’, ‘Too Fat to Rock’, ‘Teenage Tragedy’, ‘He’s a Bastard (But I Love Him)’, ‘Please Don’t Step on the Drugs’, ‘Staying a Prat’, ‘Heartache and Pain and Misery and Suffering (That’s What We Got for Fun Around Here)’, ‘Ponytail Pervert’, ‘I’m So Depressed’, ‘I’m Against Killing People’ and the title number.


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