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Cover Reveal – Video Dungeon

Here’s an early peek at the Martin Stiff cover for (volume one of) my collection of arcane reviews. Forthcoming this Autumn from Titan Books.  More details to be announced as and when available …NB: though a few things have appeared in other forms (mostly my Empire column), it’s overwhelmingly new material …  Here’s what to expect … 585 entries, from AfterDeath to Zombie Shark …

1: Confinements & Dangerous Games: Tied Up in the Basement or Hunted Through the Woods

2: Cryptids and Critters: Bigfoot, Mermaids, Gill-Men,etc

3: Famous Monsters: Frankenstein and Dracula

4: Found Footage

5: Hard Case Crime

6: High Adventure: Lost Kingdoms and Fabulous Voyages

7: Secret Agent Men and Women

8: Serial Killers and Cops

9: Weird Hippie Shit

10: Wildlife: Fish and Reptiles




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