Exclusive Announcement … the title of my next novel will be …

Anno Dracula: One Thousand Monsters.  It will be published by Titan Books this Autumn.

On the Anno Dracula Facebook group – which I recommend joining – Sparky Arditto usefully asked ‘Hi Kym – was that originally announced as Anno Dracula 1999: Daikaiju? I already have that on order thru Amazon plus your Video Vault collection. Or is this another novel?’

My response: … it’s a different novel – though it replaces Daikaiju in the schedule. I’ve yet to decide with Titan how we’ll sort out pre-orders. For Amazon purposes, it will probably make sense to list One Thousand Monsters as a retitling of Daikaiju … then start over when that book eventually gets written and scheduled. The reason for all this is that while writing the prologue for Daikaiju – a teaser of this is in the Anno Dracula 1999 collection – it expanded greatly, and I decided I wanted to include some flashback material which made it the length of a novel by itself. There are also structural reasons to make it a separate book – OTM has a different narrative voice from Daikaiju, so if they came out in one fat volume everyone would say they were two books shoved together. Though self-contained, One Thousand Monsters is the first part of a diptych which will be completed by Daikaiju – the novels are both set in Tokyo, but a hundred years apart.

I’ll of course add more details about the books as and when I have them.
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Kim Newman
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One thought on “Exclusive Announcement … the title of my next novel will be …

  1. Looks like I’m dipping into the wallet again…… 🙂

    Posted by Sparky Arditto | April 12, 2017, 11:57 am

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