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Film reviews – Vampyres (2015) and Styria (aka Angel of Darkness)

For my second Electric Sheep Nightmare Movies column, I look at a couple of recent female-led vampire movies, a remake of Vampyres (1974) and a new adaptation of Carmilla.

Film review – The Empire of Corpses

I’ve started doing a ‘Nightmare Movies’ column for the online magazine Electric Sheep.  Here, I look at a Japanese anime which turns out to be heavily influenced by Anno Dracula.  Weird. The Empire of Corpses.

Film review – Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders

My notes on the animated film.

Captain America (1979)

The recent shuttering of Video Watchdog – a sad moment for film fans – leaves some DVD reviews commissioned by Tim Lucas without a home.  So I’ll publish them here.  This is my look at the two 1979 Captain America TV movies – out on DVD from Shout Factory.

Film review – Arrival

My notes on the new film Arrival.