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US release – The Similars

My review of The Similars is posted on Screen Daily.  Here’s the trailer. XLrator Media will be releasing THE SIMILARS (“Los Parecidos”) on VOD on Nov. 15, 2016  It will also have one-night screenings in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.  Digital and iTunes – Nov. 22.

Film reviews – Vampyres (2015) and Styria (aka Angel of Darkness)

For my second Electric Sheep Nightmare Movies column, I look at a couple of recent female-led vampire movies, a remake of Vampyres (1974) and a new adaptation of Carmilla.

Film review – The Empire of Corpses

I’ve started doing a ‘Nightmare Movies’ column for the online magazine Electric Sheep.  Here, I look at a Japanese anime which turns out to be heavily influenced by Anno Dracula.  Weird. The Empire of Corpses.

Film review – Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders

My notes on the animated film.