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The Art of the B-Movie Poster

art-of-the-b-movie-posterI’ve contributed an essay to The Art of the B-Movie Poster, edited by Adam Newell for Elephant Books.  It is a lovely thing, with words from Pete Tombs, Simon Sheridan, Stephen Jones  and others – and many, many gorgeous illustrations.  It can be ordered from Amazon.

Here are some sample images … 27th_day_poster_01 blood_beast_from_outer_space_poster_01 captain_video_poster_03 creature_with_the_atom_brain_poster_04 it_terror_from_beyond_space_poster_05 n592531976_779374_6164 phantom_empire_poster_02 quatermass_xperiment_poster_05 world_without_end_poster_04run-big-as-poss-is-focus-of-text


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