Drearcliff Grange School – Further Reading

Drearcliff_V2_V1I’ve had a few requests from readers of The Secrets of Drearcliff Grange School for pointers about where characters have appeared before or will appear again … once you’ve read the book, here are some places you can look for more.  In An English Ghost Story, the previous owner of the haunted house is Louise Magellan Teazle, who is supposed to have written a series of girls’ school books set at Drearcliff Grange.  Lydia Inchfawn appears, in a different universe, in ‘Vampire Romance: Anno Dracula 1923’, available in the Titan Books edition of The Bloody Red Baron.  Janice Marsh appears in the short stories ‘The Big Fish’ and ‘Another Fish Story’.  Violet Borrodale appears in ‘Richard Riddle, Boy Detective in “The Case of the French Spy”‘.  Catriona Kaye, the Splendid Six, Dr Shade, Amanda Thomsett (Kentish Glory), the Mausoleum and a few others appear in the novellas ‘Clubland Heroes’ and ‘Sorcerer Conjurer Wizard Witch’.  All these stories are in the three OOP Diogenes Club collections published by MonkeyBrain, which will be republished in the next year or so by Titan.  Additionally, Catriona Kaye and Dr Shade pop up in a whole bunch of other stories and novels.  This illustration, by the way, is an earlier Martin Stiff cover design for the book.


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