White of the Eye …

White of the EyeTHE HORROR SHOW VOD service launches Friday, 14 June and to celebrate there will be an exclusive launch event at the Prince Charles cinema in London’s Leicester square at 7pm on Thursday, 13 June.

Kim Newman (keeper of Empire Magazine’s video dungeon and author of Nightmare Movies) will introduce his own selection of a very rare 35mm screening of Donald Cammell’s classic serial killer horror White of the Eye.

There will also be a short film accompaniment: ‘Him Indoors‘ starring League of Gentleman‘s Reece Shearsmith, introduced by director Paul Davis, and horror-themed stand-up comedy from Perfect Movie host Richard Sandling (winner of So You Think You’re Funny in 2007).

The Guardian’s Damon Wise will be conducting on-stage interviews with Kim Newman as well as with ‘Him Indoors’ director Paul Davis.

Here’s a nice write-up from Kier-La Janisse on the Fangoria website.



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