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My Screen Daily review of Jennifer Lynch’s Chained is online.  The film plays at FrightFest over the weekend.


One thought on “Chained

  1. Having just read your eloquent new Nightmare Movie chapter on torture cinema I had a feeling you’d have this response to yet another Jennifer Lynch misogyny pic (is she even a real person? Or is it David in a dress?)

    Films like this are one of the reasons I never wanted to become a full-time critic. As you said (and I paraphrase as my kindle is at home), just one of these “feel bad” movies can ruin your day, or days… like your job involves being assaulted. There’s some weird allowances to made (in my mind) for women who make these films nowadays, as they can get way more misogynistic than most men would dare to in our PC jackboot era but just because they can doesn’t mean they should. Torture porn, thy course is run. Be free!

    And PS – you are my #1 horror film reference. God knows how you managed to find the time to see nearly every goddamned movie ever made in the genre, but I’m glad you did. Your pain is our gain.

    Posted by Erich Kuersten | August 22, 2012, 4:46 pm

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