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Announcement: The Hallowe’en Sessions

At last, it can be revealed …  The Hallowe’en Sessions.  More announcements to come imminently …

The Halloween Sessions


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  1. To answer some questions.

    Yes, technically this is a ‘West End play’ – it’s my first work for the theatre since 1988, and my London stage debut.

    Yes, it’s a small theatre (right next door to the Prince Charles Cinema) and a limited run, so you would be well-advised to book early (thanks to those who already have – we love you lots).

    No, we can’t say who’s in it yet, but there are exciting people already attached (including several with impressive screen resumes).

    No, we’re not saying what it’s about yet.

    Yes, it does have some connection with my earlier work, featuring a character who has shown up in several stories (‘You Don’t Have to Be Mad’ and ‘Going to Series’).

    Yes, it is an anthology horror play and therefore a bit like Ghost Stories – we like to think that Andy and Jeremy are Ealing’s Dead of Night while we’re Amicus’s Dr Terror’s House of Horrors.

    Yes, we’re all super-excited about this.

    Our first cast read-through is this weekend, and we’ll post some pics when they’re cleared.

    Posted by kimnewman | July 13, 2012, 11:48 am

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