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Sergio Martino & Kim


Kim will interview Sergio Martino at CineExcess at the Italian Cultural Institute in London at 8pm on May 26, 2012. The event is titled: ‘Your Vice is a Locked Door and Only Sergio Holds the Key’.

During the 1970s, Italian director Sergio Martino pioneered a series of stylish thrillers, saucy sexy comedies and no-nonsense tough cop dramas which all directly fed into wider Italian concerns of the era. From fears of urban violence and the rise of Italian feminism, to more longstanding issues of rural Italian development, the cinema of Sergio Martino used genre imagery to examine the turbulent and changing Italian scene of the 1970s. As well as casting a critical eye over this often unsettling Italian domestic scene, Martino’s movies were marked by a strong sense of cinematography, editing and use of experimental colour techniques, which has proven influential to recent generations of international directors such as Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth.

In a probing interview, Martino discusses his career as both an Italian and cult film icon with Empire Magazine’s film critic Kim Newman.

This discussion and screening is open to cinema goers over the age of 18, and tickets are priced at £7 each, which also includes free entry to the 9pm screening of All the Colours of the Dark. This interview is also free to all Cine-Excess VI delegates holding a full or day rate pass.

Early booking is advised. Please book online with the Italian Cultural Institute.

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