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Cover for new Anno Dracula

The cover for the next edition of Anno Dracula has been announced. 

Anno Dracula

This is what Kim has to say over on the Titan Books blog:

I’m delighted that the Anno Dracula novels are coming out again from Titan, finally in uniform editions with all manner of tempting extra materials. I hope that new readers will enjoy their entry into this world, and old ones will be able to replace their long-ago stolen or fallen-to-pieces earlier editions …

In the world of Anno Dracula, Count Dracula was not defeated by Dr Van Helsing and succeeded in his grand scheme – nothing less than the conquest of Great Britain and Her Empire, enabling the vampires who have always been among us to live openly and emerge as a new class of person, inspiring heroes and villains, madmen and monsters, saints and sinners to side with or stand against the new regime of the undead.

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