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Kim’s Flipside of British Cinema

Next month the BFI is releasing a DVD sampler of forthcoming releases titled Kim Newman’s Guide To The Flipside Of British Cinema, which will be on sale in HMV in the UK.

Guide to the Flipside of British Cinema

The sampler includes:

  • An all-new documentary, produced exclusively for the BFI, in which Kim explores such questions as how the director of Help! and Superman came to make one of the world’s greatest, but little-known, black comedies, and lifts the lid on which previously unseen British film features Helen Mirren in her debut role.
  • Carousella (1966, 25 mins): originally banned by the BBFC, this controversial dramatised documentary on the lives of a group of striptease artistes was directed by celebrated Hollywood filmmaker John Irvin (Hamburger Hill, Raw Deal)
  • The Spy’s Wife (1972, 27 mins): directed by Gerry O’Hara (All the Right Noises, The Bitch), this little-seen short film stars the inimitable Tom Bell (The L-Shaped Room, Prime Suspect) and Ann Lynn (Screamtime, Separation) in a modish tale of intrigue and extra-marital relations
  • Tomorrow Night in London: a vibrant and fast-paced tourist board short made in the 1960s extolling the virtues, and fashions, of London’s swinging scene
  • Flipside trailer reel
  • Illustrated booklet with essays and film credits

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