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Jack the Giant Slayer – notes

Kim’s film notes on the fairy tale romp, Jack the Giant Slayer. Continue reading

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – notes

Kim’s film notes on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Continue reading

Snow White and the Huntsman – notes

Kim’s film notes on the fairy tale adaptation Snow White and the Huntsman. Continue reading

Genevieve Dieudonné at large

Today the Black Library published The Vampire Genevieve, a 768-page collection of all the work featuring the character Genevieve Dieudonné. Order it from or Meet Genevieve Dieudonné. She’s beautiful, powerful, resourceful and courageous – and over four hundred years old. In the dark forests and cities of the Warhammer world, she and her … Continue reading

Drachenfels translated

Both Polaris, the Czech publisher, and Timun Mas, the Spanish publisher, have released translations of Drachenfels in their respective countries.