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Kim talks Magic, Murder & Monsters

You can see Kim giving expert opinion in the current BBC TV documentary series, British Film Forever. Expect to see a lot of him in the August 25th episode, Magic, Murder & Monsters: the story of Horror and Fantasy.  

Kim on Science Fiction Britannia

Kim will appear in a number of the programmes in the BBC4 science fiction season, Science Fiction Britannia, which is starting on the 13th of November. You can catch him on The Martians and Us, Timeshift: Parallel Worlds, and some of the specials on British SF TV and film.

Kim studies Sherlock

Kim will appear in the documentary, A Study in Sherlock : Time Shift — which he also co-scripted — at 9.15 pm on Christmas Eve on BBC4. There will be a repeat showing at 1am on December 27th.