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Dr Walpurgis aka Dr Terror

Geoff McCracken has written an in-depth article about the BBC’s horror host – a character I helped create in 1992. Advertisements

Me at Imaginales

Here are some talks and panels I did in France. Me. More Me. British writers. Fantasy. Vampires 1. Vampires 2.

An interview with Kim Newman and Maura McHugh …

…¬†on Bleeding Cool, to tie in with the release of the trade paperback of Witchfinder: Mysteries of Unland. ¬†Includes the first issue of the miniseries as a bonus!

Kim Newman on Death Line

… in connection with my Miskatonic lecture, here’s an interview with me about the film Death Line.

An Interview with me about An English Ghost Story

… is posted at the Wickergirl site.