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FrightFest review – House of Salem

Originally posted on The Kim Newman Web Site:
My notes on House of Salem ? In another of those odd coincidences inevitable when you lump seventy films together – like two movies about demon-summoning board games on the same evening – this follows From a House on Willow Street as the other FrightFest film about a…

Film review – Where Has Poor Mickey Gone?

My notes on Where Has Poor Mickey Gone? (1964)

Film review – The Song of Sway Lake

My notes on The Song of Sway Lake, out in US theatres now and VOD on September 25.

The Sight & Sound Frightfest 2018 podcast …

… is now online, featuring Virginie Selavy, Anton Bitel and me ruminating over this year’s line-up.  

Film review – Maximum Impact

My notes on Maximum Impact, opening in US cinemas September 28 then going to digital on October 2.