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The Film Programme – Teen Movies

A Radio 4 Film Programme special on teen movies is available on i-player for a week or so.  Francine Stock hosts and I appear with Pamela Hutchinson, Hadley Freeman and Charlie Lyne.

Adventures in SciFi Publishing

John Dodds interviewed me for Adventures in SciFi Publishing.

47 Ronin

My Empire review of 47 Ronin is online.

BFI Film Classics Announcement …

… I shall be writing a new booklet about Quatermass and the Pit for the BFI Film Classics line, to be published in late 2014. While I will focus on the Roy Ward Baker film, I aim to cover the whole of Nigel Kneale’s TV, film, radio and literary Quatermass franchise.  My previous BFI Classic, … Continue reading

The Matter of Britain, by Eugene Byrne and Kim Newman …

… has just had its world first publication, from Paladin in Serbia, as Britansko Pitanje by Judzin Bern and Kim Njumen. No English language pub date set as yet.  It’s our Nazis-won-the-war novel.