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Anno Dracula Audio

Narrated by William Gaminara, and on sale at

Professor Moriarty - Audible

Narrated by Tom Hodgkins, and on sale at

The Bloody Red Baron - Audio

Narrated by William Gaminara, and on sale at

Dracula Cha Cha Cha - audio

Narrated by William Gaminara, and on sale at

Narrated by: Tom Lawrence

Narrated by Tom Lawrence, and on sale at

The Quorum

Narrated by Tom Lawrence, on sale at


‘Ubermensch’ (2009)
A short film adapted from a short story written by Kim. Daniel Poole wrote the screenplay and Simon Temple directed. It starred Nicholas G. Cooper, David Clendinning, and Jacqui Duncan. IMDB.


DirectorMissing Girl

Missing Girl‘ (Kim Newman, 2001)
This film was part of a challenge where three journalists were given a theme and a crew, and then told to create a film from scratch in under 24 hours. This short, short (100 seconds) stars Maribel Jimenez and Stephen Jones.




Audio Drama

Cry Babies

Kim’s BBC science fiction radio drama Cry Babies, broadcast originally on BBC Radio 4, is available to purchase from SpokenWorld Audio.




Week Woman (1999)
Kim’s short story of the same name was an episode in the second season of the Canadian TV series The Hunger (1999). It was adapted by Terry Curtis Fox, and directed by Daniel Grou. It starred David LaHaye and Brooke Smith. It’s now available in the The Hunger: Series 2 DVD box set.

ScriptsOn the Set of Dr. Terror

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