The Kim Newman Frequently Asked Questions

The usual answers to Kim’s most frequently asked questions.Kim poses with axe

Q: What does the Twitter hashtag #edq mean?

A: Empire Dungeon Quote.  It refers to the pull-quotes from films which appear in Kim’s column in Empire Magazine.  I try to tweet five of these every morning. I’ve been jotting these things down since working on Ghastly Beyond Belief in the early ’80s.

Q: I’m a filmmaker/distributor: how can I get my movie considered for inclusion in Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon in Empire magazine?

A: The remit of the column is films on UK non-theatrical release: this now includes download as well as DVD/BluRay, though submissions must be entered on disc. Send discs to:

FAO Kim Newman,
Bauer Media,
Endeavour House,
189 Shaftesbury Avenue,
London, WC2H 8JG.

Q: I’m a non-English language publisher: how can I secure translation rights to Kim Newman books or stories in my territory?

A: The foreign language rights to the bulk of Kim Newman’s fiction are handled by the Antony Harwood Literary Agency. The rights to Professor Moriarty: The Hound of the d’Urbervilles are handled by Titan Books.

Q: I’m a filmmaker: how can I bid for the rights to make a movie (or TV show or other media adaptation) from one of Kim Newman’s novels or stories?

A: Please contact Kim Newman’s media agent, Fay Davies, at The Agency.

Q: I’m a TV/radio/film researcher/producer, and I’d like Kim Newman to appear in a documentary. How do I contact him?

A: Kim Newman’s media agent is Fay Davies at The Agency, and all queries should be directed there.

Q: Some Kim Newman books are out of print and command high prices as used books. Are there any plans for reprints?

A: Titan have picked up much of Kim’s backlist and will be reissuing them over the next few years. Jago was reissued in March 2013; The Quorum is likely to be next. Also in the works are The Night Mayor, Life’s Lottery and an omnibus of the Diogenes Club collections, plus a short story collection. All the reissues will include additional short fiction and other bells and whistles. Yes, there will be e-book editions.

Q: What new fiction projects are upcoming?

A: Titan will publish An English Ghost Story, a new novel, in 2014.  Also contracted for are three other novels, Kentish Glory, Angels of Music and an untitled fifth Anno Dracula novel.

Q: What about Johnny Alucard?

A: September 10, 2013. It is available for pre-order.

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