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Monsters Dark Continent

My Empire review of Monsters Dark Continent is online.

Black Aquarius

I contributed to this BBC Radio 4 documentary on occultism in the 1970s, available online for the rest of the week.

Avengers Age of Ultron

My Sight & Sound review of Avengers Age of Ultron is online.  NB: spoiler warning.  In contrast, here are my notes on The Avengers (Avengers Assemble).

An interview with Kim Newman and Maura McHugh …

… on Bleeding Cool, to tie in with the release of the trade paperback of Witchfinder: Mysteries of Unland.  Includes the first issue of the miniseries as a bonus!

The Ghoul – out on BluRay

The 1932 Boris Karloff film The Ghoul is out on BluRay from Network, with a Kim Newman/Stephen Jones commentary track.


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